The Institute of Advanced Financial Planners met in Banff recently to hash out a plan of action on a case study near and dear to most advisors’ hearts: How does a financial advisor exit the business he built and retire in comfort?

In the coming months, Advisor’s Edge Report will explain the solutions that the IAFP Symposium attendees recommended for Russell, the fictional 56 year advisor, but in the mean time, we’d love to hear how you would solve his predicament.

Here’s your chance to read the Case Study, develop a financial and succession plan, and submit it for publication on

Please include your name, firm, location and any designations you hold. Submit your plans to

The case study was only part of the IAFP Symposium. The audience received some well-overdue praise for industry ethics from none other than Preston Manning (read: No substitute for integrity), while lawyer Pat Daunais explained some of the difficulties posed by blended families (read: Blended families complicate planning).

For more on the IAFP, visit their website.