Financial advisors at two MFDA firms now have access to Invisor CoPilot, a digital platform that can be used to offer clients portfolios made of ETFs and mutual funds.

“We have already entered into agreements with some […] advisory firms and will be rolling out Invisor CoPilot to more than 400 of their advisors in the coming months,” says Pramod Udiaver, CEO of Invisor, in a release. A spokesperson clarified that those firms are two mid-sized MFDA shops, but declined to name them.

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The platform includes fully managed portfolios, paperless on-boarding and a dashboard to manage the client relationship. The platform also gives advisors access to goal-planning and tracking software that includes an aggregated view of a client’s financial position, an insurance needs analysis and access to online insurance solutions.

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Advisors can choose their level of involvement at the time of on-boarding a client by sending the client an online invitation or by walking the client through the process face to face.

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