Business Team Meeting Discussion Connection
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The Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) will host an industry roundtable later this month to consider possible reforms to its approach to trading at the end of the day.

The TSX said that, in response to recent discussions with industry players, it believes there’s an appetite for an open discussion about its market-on-close (MOC) facility.

That discussion is being sought “to foster a broader understanding of the key drivers, benefits and risks of various MOC models from the varied perspectives of our stakeholders,” the TSX said in a statement.

The MOC was adopted to enable equal access to setting closing prices and to reduce volatility at the end of the day, among other things.

The TSX’s roundtable on the MOC facility will take place on Feb. 24 in Toronto.

“The goal of the roundtable is to provide stakeholders with the opportunity to present and share their views and perspectives, and to help inform the TSX as we consider what MOC changes, if any, to adopt,” the TSX said.