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Faced with choice of inflation or recession, BoC will choose recession

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Policies to promote an increase in workers would help, the Bank of Canada governor said

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) headquarters Connaught Building is pictured in Ottawa on Monday, Aug. 17, 2020. CRA Tax

Forecasters are expecting higher interest rates to trigger a recession

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Markets will be watching the quarterly monetary policy report closely

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Businesses expect to raise prices more slowly and for wage increases to soften

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Early signs of a slowing economy aren't enough, the Bank of Canada governor said in a speech


The Bank of Canada's senior deputy governor spoke in Calgary one day after the latest interest rate hike

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A full-point rate hike isn't out of the question next week, NBF says

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During economic downturns, the incomes of low earners were particularly hard hit and didn’t recover, research finds

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Without the easing of global pressures, more aggressive action from the Bank of Canada may be necessary