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Toronto skyline in financial district

The outlook for growth in household income dropped to its lowest level in the survey's history

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Pro tip: the Bank of Canada doesn't need your account number

Rural road. the route Transportation damaged.

Covid-19 is expected to leave some lasting economic damage


The LIBOR market manipulation scandal spurred the move to a transaction-based benchmark

Extreme Closeup of New Polymer Twenty Dollar Bills

The central bank also updated its GDP forecast for the second quarter

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Financial markets are showing warning signs, the Bank of Canada says in a report

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Trudeau said the Liberals are looking at when to present a budget or an economic update.

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Stephen Poloz's seven-year term expires next month

Extreme Closeup of New Polymer Twenty Dollar Bills

Canadian quantitative easing likely won't work in the typical fashion, says a CIBC report

Background of Canadian money: 5,10,20,50,100 dollar bills and coins, loonie, toonie, quarter, dime, nickel, penny

Governor Stephen Poloz downplayed the idea of sending interest rates into negative territory