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Wheeling his way into recovery

The insurer will stop accepting new business for four non-cancellable disability products as of Sept. 30

Canadian parliament in Ottawa

Luxury tax and increased eligibility for the disability tax credit are now law as Bill C-19 passes

Interior view of the Canada Commons of Parliament, Ottawa

The Finance committee also proposed an amendment to DTC eligibility in the budget implementation bill

Darby Lee Young

Level Playing Field founder discusses investing and accessibility

Canadian parliament in Ottawa

Bill C-19 gives people who purchased luxury vehicles in 2021 a break

Disabled woman with crutches or walking stick or knee support standing in back side,half body.

Feds' $100 cap on fees for helping clients apply for the DTC was set to become effective Nov. 15

Wheeling his way into recovery

Helping families plan with an RDSP gives advisors a broad topic of conversation with clients

Here’s what's been proposed for financial institutions, taxes, housing and more

Wheeling his way into recovery

Promise to extend sickness benefits would cost $4B over the same time period

young man in wheelchair on a Zoom call

People who lost DTC eligibility under now-changed rules had to close their RDSPs and repay $34.4 million in grants and bonds