How to freshen up your website

A modern website attracts the younger generation.

By Dean DiSpalatro |September 5, 2014

7 min read

6 tips for attracting new clients on LinkedIn

When it comes to prospecting, mass marketing is out and relationship building is in. Here are six tips for making the most out of your opportunities on LinkedIn.

By Maureen McCabe |August 20, 2014

5 min read

Social media offers free client info

How to use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to connect with your book.

By Stuart Foxman |July 23, 2013

7 min read

What if you share a name with a criminal?

Financial services consultant Jeff Thompson* was crossing the U.S. border a few years ago when his vehicle was surrounded by armed border guards and his entire family ordered to step out. They told him his youngest son shared a name with a fugitive.

By Vikram Barhat |July 22, 2013

5 min read