OBSI ‘names and shames’ 3 more firms

By Staff | April 30, 2015 | Last updated on April 30, 2015
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OBSI has issued three more ‘name and shame’ press releases identifying firms that in separate cases have refused the ombudsman’s investor compensation recommendations.

Sentinel Financial Management Corp. refused compensation recommendations amounting to $245,462 and $20,249. Details here.

yourCFO refused a $139,000 compensation recommendation. Details here.

GP Wealth Management Corporation refused a $25,455 compensation recommendation. Details here.

“Since OBSI’s inception, the overwhelming majority of complaints brought to our organization have been successfully resolved,” a press release says. “Those complaints that end in refusals by firms to compensate their customers have historically been very rare: over 99% of the thousands of complaints brought to OBSI since our organization’s inception have been successfully resolved.”

There were six refusals last year.

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