Warren Buffett’s investing continues to evolve—even at 87

By Josh Funk, The Associated Press | August 13, 2018 | Last updated on August 13, 2018
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Warren Buffett is still finding new places to invest decades after he started, even though his basic approach of finding businesses selling for less than they are worth hasn’t changed much.

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Buffett resisted investing in tech companies for years because he didn’t think he could pick which ones would be enduring winners. Now, his Berkshire Hathaway conglomerate is a major Apple shareholder because he views Apple as a consumer products company with loyal customers.

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Berkshire could reveal some more surprises when the Omaha, Nebraska-based company details its stock holdings in a quarterly securities filing which is expected to be made on Tuesday.

University of Nebraska at Omaha finance professor George Morgan says the fact that Buffett continues to change and find new opportunities is a good thing for Berkshire investors.

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