National Bank Securities will become National Bank Investments, effective May 12, 2014.

Still, the firm says it will remain committed to offering a comprehensive range of investment solutions, and that the name change will in no way affect the makeup or diversification of its funds. As well, portfolio managers will remain unchanged.

In May, the National Bank Securities mutual funds family will be referred to as the National Bank mutual funds family. Altamira and Omega Funds will also be rebranded with the National Bank name.

Below is a list of funds affected by the new positioning.

Altamira Income FundNational Bank Income Fund
Altamira Long Term Bond FundNational Bank Long Term Bond Fund
Altamira Global Bond FundNational Bank Global Bond Fund
Altamira Corporate Bond FundNational Bank Corporate Bond Fund
Altamira High Yield Bond FundNational Bank High Yield Bond Fund
Altamira Preferred Equity FundNational Bank Preferred Equity Fund
Altamira Dividend Fund Inc.National Bank Dividend Income Fund Inc.
Altamira Tactical Asset Allocation FundNational Bank Asset Allocation Fund
Altamira Canadian Equity Growth FundNational Bank Canadian Equity Growth Fund
AltaFund Investment Corp.National Bank AltaFund Investment Corp.
Altamira Quebec Growth FundNational Bank Quebec Growth Fund
Altamira U.S. Equity FundNational Bank U.S. Equity Fund
Altamira European Equity FundNational Bank European Equity Fund
Altamira Asia Pacific FundNational Bank Asia Pacific Fund
Altamira Japanese Opportunity FundNational Bank Japanese Equity Fund
Altamira Global Small Company FundNational Bank Global Small Cap Fund
Altamira Resource FundNational Bank Resource Fund
Altamira Energy FundNational Bank Energy Fund
Altamira Precious and Strategic Metal FundNational Bank Precious Metals Fund
Altamira Science and Technology FundNational Bank Science and Technology Fund
Altamira Health Sciences FundNational Bank Health Sciences Fund
Altamira Canadian Index FundNational Bank Canadian Index Fund
Altamira U.S. Index FundNational Bank U.S. Index Fund
Altamira U.S. Currency Neutral Index FundNational Bank U.S. Currency Neutral Index Fund
Altamira International Index FundNational Bank International Index Fund
Altamira International Currency Neutral Index FundNational Bank International Currency Neutral Index Fund
National Bank Monthly Income FundNational Bank Monthly Balanced Income Fund
National Bank Monthly High Income FundNational Bank Monthly Growth Income Fund
Omega Preferred Equity FundNational Bank Preferred Equity Income Fund
Omega High Dividend FundNational Bank High Dividend Fund
Omega Canadian Equity FundNational Bank Canadian All Cap Equity Fund
Omega Global Equity FundNational Bank Global Diversified Equity Fund
Omega Consensus American Equity FundNational Bank Consensus American Equity Fund
Omega Consensus International Equity FundNational Bank Consensus International Equity Fund


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