3 ways to stay focused in the summer

By Stephanie Holmes-Winton | August 7, 2014 | Last updated on September 21, 2023
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The summer’s already half over. And chances are, many of you haven’t completed as much of your to-do lists as anticipated.

It’s easy to get distracted, so create a schedule and stick to it for the rest of the season. There are three ways to achieve this.

1. Book time off early

If you’d like to take a vacation, sit down with your spouse or family to discuss the details. The earlier you can alert your team and block the days off in your calendar, the better. Also, tell your team not to contact you while you’re away. This will allow you to unplug and recharge. To cover for any client emergencies, leave instructions on how specific situations should be handled. If you simply plan to leave early at the end of each week, block off that time in your calendar as well.


2. Schedule your days

Even if you don’t have appointments, create lists of tasks, including how long they’ll take, for each day you’re in the office. Think about the projects you could be working on, and consider whether you’re dedicating time to CE courses or writing a blog, for example. If you keep an updated list of tasks you need to complete, you should be able to avoid distractions (such as the beautiful weather outside).

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3. Set aside time for yourself

It’s also crucial to block off time in your calendar to think.Most successful people I know not only invest in regular training and business coaching, but they also take time to reflect on their businesses. Whether you take off a whole day or only a few hours, turn off all email notifications, forward your calls and let your team know you can’t be disturbed. If you can’t think clearly in the office, choose a location that works for you, such as a coffee shop or your cottage.


If you’re always busy and stressed, you’ll be less productive. So set firm boundaries and take time to breathe. It’s not enough to take coffee breaks; you need to reflect on yourself and your practice regularly to get ahead.


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Stephanie Holmes-Winton

Stephanie Holmes-Winton is a Halifax based financial services educator/speaker who helps advisors find the money to help their clients fund their financial plans. She is the author of Defusing The Debt Bomb & $pent. Stephanie is also the founder and board chair of the Certified Cash Flow Specialist™ designation program. You can reach Stephanie at sholmes@themoneyfinder.ca or themoneyfinder.ca