regulatory reform

CSA chair outlines projects, commits to “thoughtful” regulatory approach

Industry watchdogs can't "sit in an ivory tower" as they push for industry change, said Stan Magidson

By Katie Keir |October 5, 2023

3 min read

CSA issues new guidance for stablecoins

Regulators set interim rules for fiat-backed cryptoassets

By James Langton |October 5, 2023

2 min read

CSA finalizes derivatives conduct rules

Canada remained the last G20 country without conduct standards for OTC derivatives markets

By James Langton |September 28, 2023

2 min read

CSA proposes WKSI model

Proposal aims to ease regulatory costs, encourage capital formation by mature issuers

By James Langton |September 21, 2023

2 min read